The price of your cake is relative to the amount of time spent on it.  I hand make all of your sugar flowers and figurines and this allows me to customise them so that every cake is a unique and original creation.  Each cake will be quoted on individually, based upon the amount of time and decoration involved.


Below is a rough guide to help you with your budgeting.


Novelty cakes  








Wedding Cakes     
















from £60.00

from £80.00

from £100.00

(serves 12)

(serves 24)

(serves 38)

Box of 6

Box of 12

Please ask for a quote.

Every wedding cake I create is individually priced according to size, ingredients, decoration, skill, and the time required to create your particular and unique design.

from £18.00

from £30.00

(minimum order 6)

from £60.00


Decorated cookies from £2.50 each

Cake pops from £3.00 each

Macarons from £1.25 each

Bridal figure toppers


Edible wedding favours

Individually assessed and priced according to customer requirement