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This document outlines what being affected by the coronavirus means to your event and the options available to you.


Should Government intervention such as movement restrictions, (lockdown) or banned gatherings of people (social distancing), mean that businesses are temporarily shut down and you are forced to cancel your event.

In this case our normal refund policies will apply as outlined in our standard Terms & Conditions.  If this is for a wedding cake you should contact your wedding insurance providers in this instance.


However, given the unprecedented circumstances, we have taken the decision that if you choose to postpone and reschedule your event, we will, where availability allows, simply transfer your order along with the deposit and any other monies already paid to the new date, and continue on from there.  This applies to all events, ie. weddings or any other celebration for which you have ordered a cake from us.  Where reasonably possible, any rescheduled date should fall within 12 months of the original cancelled date.  We hope this will create the least possible impact on weddings and events we already have booked in further down the line, and enable us to fit in everyone who chooses this option.  All costs would remain the same unless you have to reschedule more than 12 months into the future in which case we reserve the right to reassess and update your original quoted total amount.  If you are unable to reschedule to a suitable date, or we are unable to accommodate your rescheduled date, or you are unhappy with your new quote (where applicable), then again, our normal refund policies will apply.


If we become ill or are required to self-isolate and we are unable to complete your order. 


In the event that we are not able to complete your order we are in the fortunate position of working with a group of other local registered and highly capable cake designers and we have plans in place to try our utmost to provide cover so that no-one goes without their cake if their event goes ahead.  If we cannot provide cover, or you do not wish for this, then a full refund of all monies paid to date will be made.

We understand that these are worrying and uncertain times for us all.  Please get in touch if you have any problems or are unsure of any details.  Most importantly, be assured that we are continuously busy working behind the scenes and making back up plans to cause as little disruption to you as possible.

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