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Every one of our cakes are baked from scratch using fresh high quality ingredients.  We use madagascan bourbon vanilla, fresh fruit zests, fair trade chocolate, home made curds and caramels, and fruit conserve with a minimum 55% fruit percentage.  All standard cakes are made up from four layers of sponge and filling, and every iced cake is sealed with a final coat of luxury white or dark chocolate ganache, enabling us to achieve our beautiful crisp, clean and flawless finish with couture sugarpaste.

Tasty & Traditional

Vanilla Victoria

A light madagascar vanilla sponge layered with with a silky vanilla bean buttercream and strawberry conserve

Beautiful Bakewell

A fluffy almond sponge layered with a light almond buttercream and a fruity raspberry preserve, for that  traditional flavour we all know and love.  (contains nuts)


Old school but ohhh so good butterscotch sponge layered with a sumptuously silky butterscotch buttercream.  A firm favourite!


A brown sugar sponge with spices of ginger, cinnamon and clove, layered with a warming gingerbread or smooth plain buttercream.

Chocolate Choices

Cookies & Cream

A rich chocolate sponge layered with a whipped buttercream full of crushed chocolate oreos

Chocolate Caramel

A rich chocolate sponge layered with an indulgent home made caramel sauce and your choice of a smooth caramel or chocolate buttercream 

Chocolate Orange

Rich chocolate sponge brushed with homemade orange syrup and layered with an rich and indulgent chocolate orange ganache

Red Velvet

A soft, light chocolate, deep red sponge layered with your choice of a silky cream cheese buttercream, or a whipped vanilla buttercream

Coffee (may contain nuts)

A rich coffee sponge flavoured with espresso for that real coffee flavour layered with a creamy coffee buttercream, we'll add walnuts too if you want them 

Chocolate Marble

Swirls of rich dark chocolate, and white chocolate sponge, layered with your choice of a smooth white, milk or dark chocolate buttercream

Fruity Favourites

Luscious Lemon

A light and zingy lemon sponge filled with your choice of homemade lemon curd and silky buttercream or a delicately flavoured elderflower buttercream

Raspberry & Chocolate

A fun, light raspberry ripple sponge layered with your choice of whipped white, milk or dark chocolate buttercream

Perfect Passionfruit

A gloriously golden passionfruit sponge filled with a silky white chocolate buttercream swirled with a home made passionfruit coulis

Boozy Beauties

Rich Fruit Cake (contains nuts & alcohol)

Dried vine fruits, peels and cherries generously soaked in brandy, baked and covered in marzipan.  Brandy fed for a minimum of 3 months before your date

Black Forest (contains alcohol)

Go retro with this rich chocolate sponge drizzled with kirsch and layered with a light and creamy buttercream and black cherry conserve

Prosecco & Strawberry (contains alcohol)

A light and delicate sponge infused with a home made prosecco syrup and layered with a silky prosecco buttercream and strawberry conserve.

Your favourite flavour not on our list?
Please ask us!

A note about allergens......

All our cakes are baked in a kitchen that handles, nuts, dairy, eggs, wheat and gluten.  For a full list of allergens please enquire before placing your order.  We are happy to provide gluten free, dairy free, nut free and other 'allergen friendly' cakes and treats, and we have many happy customers who have done so.  Whilst we take every precaution to avoid cross contamination in line with current food safety regulations and best practice, we cannot 100% guarantee that there will not be trace amounts of a particular allergen that may affect a susceptible individual.  You therefore order at your own risk and we reserve the right to decline orders for clients with serious food allergies.

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